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Rules Regulation



Welcome to Saddleback Beauty Academy (SBA). We are pleased you have chosen our school and will strive to make the learning process enjoyable. To properly train you for the professional world of beauty, we have compiled a set of rules and regulations that will help you become the best in the industry. The following set of rules and regulations have been designed to help ensure your success and define the areas of obligation to which both the student and staff must adhere. These rules and regulations along with the school catalog can be found on the SBA website at


1. Students must attend all sessions of the class in which they are enrolled in for their respective program. (Ex. Students enrolled in 20 hours per week must attend 20 hours per week)

2. Students must be clocked in on time every session of class. Full-Time/AM programs start at 8:30 am and PM programs start at 6:00 pm.

a. Students will be considered tardy 1 minute after their clock-in time (ex. 8:31 am or 6:01 pm). Full-time students who are tardy will lose 30 minutes. Part-time students who are tardy will lose 15 minutes.

b. Students will not be allowed to clock in 7 minutes after their clock-in time (ex. 8:37 am or 6:07 pm). Students who attempt to clock in during this time will be sent home.

3. No tardiness or absenteeism is allowed without proper and valid reasoning.

a. Excused tardiness/absenteeism such as doctor’s notes, funerals, etc. will still affect positive attendance, documentation is only used for evaluation for when administration decides to take disciplinary action or not.

b. Even if student provide proper and valid reasoning and documentation for tardiness or absenteeism, the course structures require students to accrue a set number of hours in respect to specified scheduled hours. Missing specified scheduled hours (excused/unexcused) will result in actual hours accrued being less than scheduled hours. This pushes a student’s graduation date a set number of academic hours back.

4. Positive attendance at SBA is 85% attendance rate for both Saddleback College (SCC) students and private pay. Students must adhere to this attendance rate and failure to do so will result in a warning followed by further disciplinary action.

a. Students who are under the 85% attendance threshold may be restricted from pre-application for State Board Examination depending on situation.

b. SCC students who fail to meet the attendance threshold may be placed on an academic leave with SCC being notified.

5. Students that will be attending SBA through the SCC training agreement will not be allowed to attend until they have fully enrolled and paid for all applicable units for their respective program, no exceptions. SBA reserves the right to halt any student attendance if the student is found not enrolled through SCC.

6. For Saddleback College students, hours are reported to the college and billed monthly. Any hours that are accumulated must be paid for. It is the responsibility of the student to see that their operations and hours are complete and accurate.

a. Students are recommended to keep track of their clock hours and assignments on their own accord.

7. SBA uses an electronic cloud timeclock system. Under no circumstances may students have another student, person, faculty, or program clock in or out for them.

a. In the event of not being able to clock in or clock out; it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with instructor(s) and administration immediately to avoid discrepancies.

8. Under no circumstances are student time documents to be removed from the school, including time cards or operations sheets. The time cards are used to accumulate the required hours and operations for the completion of the course. Time documents are exclusively for the instructors and administration at SBA, students are forbidden from writing on or making changes on these time documents.

9. No less than two (2) hours or more than eight (8) hours a day will be accepted and credited unless authorized. An extra half hour will be allowed only if working on client services. If a student attends non-scheduled hours without authorization, they will not receive those hours.

10. Students may not leave class/SBA premises without the permission of the instructor.

a. Students are forbidden from leaving the premises while clocked in. Instructors, students, and/or staff must be able to find the student on premises. If students are clocked in and are not found on campus either past lunch break or for an extended period, the student may end up facing disciplinary action.



1. Students must stay focused throughout the day at school. Students are not allowed to engage in any non-curricular activities (horseplay, goofing off, etc.). Even though the student is on lunch does not make it okay to behave unprofessionally as the student’s behavior reflects their peers and SBA.

2. Students are required to be respectful, empathetic, and cooperative while at school. Diligent attention and engagement is required while clocked in and in class.

3. Students are not allowed to use abusive, inappropriate, vulgar language at any time including profanity and gossip. Students are required to be professionals. Students should also refrain from discussing personal matters while clocked in.

a. Students must conduct themselves in a courteous professional manner and shall not create discord among other students, clients, instructors, or administration. Any student causing discord or acting insubordinate with the school staff or other students will be subject to disciplinary action

4. SBA is a zero-tolerance zone for alcohol and substance abuse. Students may not consume alcohol or any other substances around the vicinity of SBA and are not allowed to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances around the vicinity of SBA. Violation of this rule will be met with disciplinary action as SBA adheres to Saddleback College’s policy on substance abuse.

5. Sexual harassment and bullying will not be tolerated and is grounds for discipline from the school.

6. There is zero-tolerance for academic dishonesty. Any form of cheating, bribery, or plagiarism is subject to disciplinary action.

a. Academic dishonesty includes clocking in or out, homework, exams, projects, and any other assignment related to program coursework.

7. Students must speak the language that the programs are taught in, English. English is the only language that can be spoken while in front of clients and other students or staff members.

8. Students may not take any unexcused break times without first consulting with their instructor and getting permission to do so. Student must be present and able to be located while clocked in.

9. Students are not permitted to use electronics or take personal phone calls while clocked in unless permitted to do so. Should a student’s family need to contact the student, they may contact the school directly.

10. Visitors are not allowed inside the school or on the school property without the permission of the school administration or instructors. Persons picking up or dropping off students are to wait outside of the school.

11. Only service animals that are recognized and delegated the duty and title of service animals by the American Disability Act will be allowed within school premises. Emotional support animals (ESA) are generally not provided the same rights as full service animals. For ESA, SCC students will be required to obtain approval from SCC in order to have their ESA accompanying them at school.

12. Eating, drinking, or chewing gum in working areas or classrooms, is not allowed. Water is allowed.

13. Smoking is prohibited anywhere on the school premises including the parking lot.

14. Students should communicate any problems, concerns, or questions they have with the instructors and/or administration.

15. If students will be written up, the students’ behavior or actions will be reported to the administration. The administration will utilize the Three Strike Policy in order to maintain order at SBA.

16. Students are not allowed in the office areas or behind the front reception desk unless permitted to do so by an instructor or administration when there is not a school official from the administration present in the offices.

17. Students are not allowed to open, look inside, or browse instructor and administrative cabinets. Students caught doing so may be met with suspension or expulsion. Academic honesty and integrity is upheld at all times.

18. All homework must be turned in on time for credit.

19. All operations must be checked and signed for by an instructor upon completion to receive credit for them. Students are required to receive a certain amount of credit for each operation.

20. Re-tests (for students who failed on the test day, not absentees) are to be done within three days of the test at the convenience of the instructor.

21. Clean-up is required of all students. Students will receive credit for cleaning on their operations sheet.

22. When work is assigned, students are not allowed to refuse or re-assign the service. If student is unable to for a certain acceptable reason, the student must communicate with the instructor regarding the issue. The instructor will determine the validity and may reassign the work. Refusal of service is a refusal to participate in school assignments and the student may be sent home or face consequences.

23. No student can work on themselves after theory while clocked in for procedure credit.

24. All personal services must be approved by an instructor only if the student has no work that needs to be done, including clients.

25. School products used by students during personal services must be paid for in advance.

26. Students who have missed tests will not be allowed to have personal service.

27. Students may only perform services on clients that have paid for those services.

28. If the student does not know how to work on a client, the student should never let the client know. The student will take the client to their station, set up, and prepare the client for service. After, the student should excuse themselves and look for an instructor for assistance.

29. If there is a disagreement with a client, students should not argue or become upset. Students should seek instructors or administration for mediation.

30. Freshman students must remain in the freshman class until the instructor evaluates the ability of the student to perform services on the public. Students must complete 25% of their program and pass all necessary tests as per the school’s Satisfactory Academic Procedure Policy before being allowed to work on paying clients.

31. Full-time senior students must perform at least six (6) complete operations per day. Part-time senior students must perform at least three (3) complete operations per day.

32. Tools, equipment, and working areas must be clean, sanitary, and labeled always. SBA holds all students accountable to be at the State Board standard of cleanliness and sanitation.

a. Floor must be swept immediately after hair cutting services and stations should be cleaned after any services.

33. Students are responsible for the return of school equipment and material furnished by the school for customer services. Students are not allowed to let another student "borrow" loaned items. Students are responsible for their return.

34. The student kit is non-refundable once items have been received. The kit will start to be dispersed on the first day of class and will be continuously distributed during the first few weeks of the program start date. The availability is first come, first serve.

35. Soiled towels are not allowed to be left anywhere except for the laundry bins. Practice towels will be issued with kit and students are responsible for laundering and bringing towels to class. Towels are to be kept in clean covered container/bag.

36. It is the student’s responsibility to replace items lost, stolen, or used up that originally came in their kit. Students must also supply their own paper, pencil, shaving creams, etc. needed to do necessary operations, grades, patron services assignments, etc. Students’ tools and equipment must be at the school and available to work on clients.

37. The school is not responsible for any personal items, equipment, or any other property that the student may have on the premises. All property belonging to the student that is on school premises is there at the sole risk of the student whether left in lockers or anywhere else on or around school property.

38. Students will park on the outer parking lots of the shopping center, not the spaces of parking directly in front of the school or the student understands that they may be ticketed or towed. Saddleback Beauty Academy is not responsible for damages to, loss of, or thefts of or from vehicles parked around school premises.


Looking presentable and professional is important in the industry of beauty. To become one of the best, students must create standards for themselves and ensure that their appearance reflects their attitude and determination for success. Students found to be in violation of the below listed requirements may be sent home or face disciplinary action at the discretion of the instructor(s) or administration.

1. Students must always be in proper uniform (detailed below) while in or around the SBA premises (even while clocked out, students represent themselves and the school when around the premises).

2. Cosmetician students are denoted by the color white.

a. Cosmetician students are provided with the uniform at the start of their program if they purchased one.

3. Cosmetology students are denoted by the color black.

a. Cosmetology students are provided with the uniform at the start of their program if they purchased one.

4. Proper uniform required long pants that must be black and not contain any elements deemed to be unprofessional or unnecessary such as distressed pants, patches, etc. The pants also must look clean and professional; sweatpants, yoga pants, leggings, or sportswear may not be permitted.

5. Any article of clothing must not be or contain contents deemed as unprofessional, inappropriate, or unclean such as revealing, provocative, or suggestive clothing; graphic/gory content; sexual content; branded content; stained/ripped clothing.

6. Neutral colored full-coverage shoes must be worn. Shoes must cover the toes and may not be easily removed for safety.

7. Identification/name badges must be worn while clocked in at school. If student loses or break name badge, they are required to purchase another one for $5.

8. Students should appear well-groomed, presentable, and professional. Students are to abide by these school policies throughout their program. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Remember, these rules are to train the individual student to look, act, and be professional. The purpose of this training is to prepare the student to compete successfully in the beauty industry. We are glad to provide you with the highest quality of education and training. We will continually support you throughout your career and we wish you the best!