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Massage Therapist


The Program Requires 
600 Hours

Providing and Promoting Wellness

Turn your interests in body therapy into a personally rewarding and potentially lucrative career. If you are compassionate and enjoy assisting people, then the Massage Therapy program will provide you with the training necessary to become a successful clinical massage therapist. You will receive traditional classroom training; however, the majority of your training will be hands-on exercises working on fellow students and clients in our student salon.

The curriculum for students enrolled in the Therapeutic Massage Course shall consist of six hundred (250) clock hours of Technical Instruction and Practical Training in the art of therapeutic massage techniques. Technical instruction means instruction by demonstration, lecture, classroom participation, or examination. Practical Training shall mean the actual performance by the student massage technician of all techniques and principals on Practical operation shall mean the actual performance by the student of a complete service on another person.

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