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Cosmetician (skin care/ESTHETICIAN)


The Program Requires 
600 Hours 

Cleansing the Face of Beauty

It’s your passion. The science of skin and the art of beauty come together to create our skin care program. Students are equipped to provide a holistic approach to skin care, massage techniques and basic makeup application. As a Dermalogica Partnership School, students will have the opportunity to receive advanced training and use on Dermalogica products, treatment protocols, and hands-on practical application using professional-grade products. Become a knowledgeable force in the beauty and wellness industry.

The curriculum for students enrolled in an Esthetician (Skin Care) course shall consist of six hundred (600) clock hours of technical instruction and practical operations covering all practices of Skin Care, pursuant to Section 7354 of the Cosmetology Act. For the purpose of this section, technical instruction shall mean instruction by demonstration, lecture, classroom participation, or examination. Practical operation shall mean the actual performance by the student of a complete service on another person.

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